DIY Floral Balloon Garland Tutorial

Black & Gold Balloon garland & florals

Hello thanks for stopping by! As a stylist, I like to keep an eye on the latest trends. Balloon garlands are one fad that have definitely captured my attention. As I was scheming up backdrop ideas for my sisters black and gold bridal shower, I decided to create my own balloon garland. Surprisingly they are super easy to make and a cute addition to any party. Enjoy my floral balloon garland tutorial!

Balloon garland supplies

Supplies for a Floral Balloon Garland:


Fishing line

Needle (not pictured)

Small washers (not pictured)



Fake flowers or greenery

Balloon for Balloon garland

Step 1: First of all, I blew up a handful balloons, all in different sizes. For my party, I bought a 20 count (or so) bag in each color. Blowing up all the balloons was easier than I thought, since my kids decided to help out!

Kids with balloons

Needle & thread Balloon Garland

Step 2: Next, I gathered my needle, fishing line and balloons. Then I threaded the fishing line onto the needle, poking the needle through the bottom part of the balloon below the tie. 

Fishing line & balloons Balloon Garland

Step 3: With my needle and fishing line, I threaded more balloons to the fishing line. I added varying colors and sizes as I went to add diversity. Make sure to cut the fishing line off at the appropriate length, depending on the size of your garland. Be sure to leave enough string to tie off both ends of the balloon garland. It is helpful to have someone help out during this phase.

Tie on washers to Balloon garland

Step 4: After all my balloons were on the string, I tied small metal washers to each end of the balloon garland. This was an effective way to keep each end of the garland from coming untied. After I finished, I attached my balloon garland to a chalkboard sign backdrop using fishing line.

Black & Gold balloon garland

Florals and greenery for balloon garland

Step 5: After I finished creating my balloon garland, I tied flowers or greenery to the balloon ends using fishing line. My main goal was to add cute accents to go along with my floral bridal shower.

Black & Gold Balloon garland & florals

Tape the Balloons together

Step 6: Next, I taped balloons together to fill in the gaps. For this project I used scotch tape, but a low temperature glue gun is also effective.  

Black & Gold Table with Balloon garland

Step 7: Lastly, I hung up my chalkboard and balloon garland to create an elegant backdrop for my bridal shower table.

There you have it! My party backdrop turned beautiful and I gained useful DIY balloon garland experience. If you need backdrop ideas, I highly recommend trying this out. Check out my black and gold bridal shower to see the rest of the party details!

Do you have any other ideas on how to create a balloon garland? Let me know in the comments!


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Floral Balloon Garland Tutorial

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