Floral Black & Gold Bridal Shower

Black & Gold Table

Hello thanks for stopping by! Summer time is such a busy season, full of weddings and bridal showers. Of course, I love to attend special events for family and friends. Also, I’m thrilled to share my latest party ideas with you. Recently, I decorated for my younger sister’s bridal shower. At the end of August, my sister will marry her best friend! I’m so excited to share my black & gold bridal shower ideas with you! 

Chalk Board with black & gold balloon garland

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Black & Gold Bridal Shower Decorations

For every party, a backdrop is the main focal point. In order to make this party table stand out, I created a floral balloon garland to wrap around the chalkboard. Creating a balloon garland was fairly easy and my kids loved to get involved! Needless to say, I only had to blow up a couple balloons. The kids took care of the rest!

One of my latest favorites is my new white serving tray. I found this at Goodwill for a bargain and I repainted it white. My new tray went perfect with the shower decorations and held pretty gold napkins (from Target), plates & utensils! Not only have I used this as a decoration, but also for serving food and drinks. This summer, I used the tray to carry lunch items back and forth to my kids for our outdoor picnic.

Coffee Place Cards

On a separate table, we had a cute little coffee and juice bar. Thanks to my younger sisters talents, we had fancy handwritten place cards to label the food and beverages. 

Cards & Gifts Table

Cards & Gifts

Apart from the main food table, I had a cards and gifts corner. Labeling this area makes it easier for guests to spot where to put their gifts. I like to keep this table simple yet elegant. 

Also, I enjoy using my hand lettering skills to create signs and labels for my parties! Tom Bow Dual Brush Pens are amazing markers that work like a paint brush to create smooth lettering strokes. I’ve tried other calligraphy pens in the past and so far these are my favorite!

Cards & Gifts sign & succulent

Cards Basket

Guestbook Black & Gold Bridal Shower


When I was brainstorming ideas for a guestbook idea, I remembered a simple idea I saw at a graduation party. A Bible guest book is a wonderful way for guests to sign in but also useful for the couple to read after they get married.

Oh and yes, another succulent. If you have guessed already, I’m kind of obsessed with them! My family has succulents in cute jars of all shapes and sizes, so I couldn’t resist borrowing a couple for the bridal shower.
Childhood photos black & gold bridal shower

Black & Gold Bridal Shower

Black & Gold Bridal Shower Food & Drinks List

Chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting

Sun chips

Fruit salad


Broccoli salad

Caramel party favors



Floral cake Black & Gold Bridal Shower

I’m so in love with this chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting. Simple, yet elegant, this cake was delicious. Adding the flowers and vines on the edges made this cake on point!

Broccoli Salad

Thanks to my mom and sisters, we had a delicious spread of food! I found the place cards at Hobby Lobby, my all time favorite store. This store literally has a bit of everything related to hobbies or crafts. 

Cucumber sandwiches

My mom made the cutest little sandwiches. She put together ham, turkey, egg salad, & chicken salad sandwiches, each topped with cucumbers. The guests loved having so many options and all were equally delicious!

Sun Chips

Chips are another popular party snack. One of my favorite brands is Sun Chips! These are healthy and delicious at the same time. 

Party Favor Jar Black & gold shower

Thanks for reading along! If you are planning a bridal shower in the future, I’d highly recommend this color scheme. Planning a black & gold bridal shower theme was a blast and almost any craft or hobby store has decorations in these colors. Happy party planning!

Please let me know your thoughts about the party details in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you! Have a great week!signitureCredits:

Decorating/photography: Joy in the Commonplace
Cake: Mary Ojala
Food, help decorating & coordination: My mom & sisters with help from the bridesmaids

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Floral Black & Gold Bridal Shower

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