Nautical Mermaid Birthday Party

Mermaid tail backdrop party table

My daughter Kalani will turn 4 this month and I’ve been planning her mermaid birthday for a while now. We celebrated in style by hosting a nautical mermaid birthday party. I enjoyed planning for this event because there are so many fun details. This party has unique earthly elements, including our sea shell collection and other ocean finds. I hope you enjoy it!

Mermaid tail backdrop party table

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At the heart of the desert table was a rustic barn wood backdrop embellished with a rope mermaid tail. My husband hand crafted this using the wood from our old outbuildings on our 26 acre hobby farm. Lucky me! It seems like I can’t decorate for a party without adding my own personal touch.

Surrounding the backdrop I added a balloon garland I created using clear balloons to represent “bubbles”. Be sure to check out my balloon garland tutorial to learn how to create your own!

Mermaid sign & cookies

Designing parties is especially fun when I can add my artwork. Using Tom Bow Dual Brush pens I designed a cute mermaid style sign. I love adding artistic elements to my parties since creativity runs in my veins. 

Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations:

Rustic backdrop with rope mermaid tail

Message in a bottle

Driftwood & bottles centerpiece 

Bubbles balloon garland

Mermaid cut-out cookies

Mermaid aquarium

Bubble party favors

“Let’s Be Mermaids” handwritten sign

Mermaid Cupcakes

My husband and I spent several hours decorating cupcakes and cookies. Although we aren’t professional cake decorators, I wanted them to look special and creative.

I found these little star sprinkles at Baker’s Party Shop, a fun, colorful website with the cutest sprinkles! I highly recommend them! The purple cupcake liners added a pop of color to the party. 

Mermaid Cookies

Baking and decorating from scratch, my husband and I came up with these fun mermaid cookies. These were super easy to make using a simple sugar cookie recipe and a mermaid cookie cutter.  Cutting out cookies is delicate work so be sure to use a recipe intended for cookie cutouts. 

Mermaid in a jar

One of favorite party details is this mermaid aquarium! I created this “glimpse under the sea” by filling a jar with sand, seashells and coral we found on our adventures at the ocean.

The large accent shell on the table was actually an answer to a prayer! I’m a firm believe that God is interested in even my smallest desires and I pray to him daily. While scouring the beaches in Florida for my “shell”, I reached into a bar of sand while swimming and discovered this beauty!

Bubbles Favors with string- Mermaid Party

Onto the party favors! I found these cute mini bubbles at the dollar store. Its amazing what you can find for a buck to accent parties. Simplistic purple and blue twine was the perfect accent to match the color scheme.

Drift wood center piece

Due to my love for beach treasures, I add this piece of drift wood as a centerpiece for the party table. Although I’m from the Midwest, I’m in love with the ocean! I can’t think of a better way to display my seaside treasures than at a mermaid party. 

Message in a bottle- Mermaid party

For this centerpiece, we use a unique soda bottle and created a message scroll tied with jute twine. I age the scroll by lightly burning the edges. This piece is directly tied to my childhood memories since I always dreamed of finding a message in a bottle as a kid. 

Conch shell- Mermaid party

Mermaid Birthday Party Food & Drinks:

Vanilla cupcakes

Frosted mermaid sugar cookies

Ripple potato chips

Ranch chip dip

Vegetable sticks with ranch

Blue punch

Kool-Aid Bursts soft drinks

Freeze pops

Gummy candy sharks

Blue Hawaiian Punch- Mermaid

Onto the party menu! A large glass dispenser filled with teal punch added a splash of color to the food table. In order to keep the punch chilled without watering it down, I froze punch ice cubes ahead of time. Since I hosted my daughter’s mermaid birthday party indoors, a couple of containers of ice was sufficient. If your party is outdoors, I would recommend making extra ice. 

Tin full of freeze pops & koolaid- Mermaid Party

When I’m planning a party menu, I like to choose food and drinks that are easy for children to eat or drink. Most kid’s love finger food anyways! A simple way to keep the kids happy is to fill a container of ice with freeze pops and Kool-Aid Bursts Soft Drinks

Mermaid snack table

A party isn’t complete without chips and dip! Ripple potato chips and ranch dip are a family favorite and our guests enjoyed them as well. 

Vegetable cups- Mermaid Party

Simple veggie cups are a tasty and healthy option for guests to snack on. I added ranch to the cups prior to the event for easy dipping. Not quite as healthy, but it sure tastes better!

Mermaid party snacks

Sea shell chip bowl- Mermaid party

I found this sea shell shaped bowl while out thrifting. Such a cute find and it accented my party table nicely. Score!

Star fish and sea star- Mermaid party

Mermaid water bottle

Going along with the under the sea theme, I wanted to share one of my daughter’s birthday gifts! Camelbak makes these cute mermaid water bottles for kids. They are sturdy and spill proof, plus they come in many other designs. 

To spread the word of my party to friends and family, I created these cute mermaid invitations from Greetings Island. I customized the invitations using this website and printed them at home. They turned out great!

There you have it! I had a blast designing this mermaid birthday party for my daughter. I hope theses party tips will inspire you in your upcoming events. It was so worth all of the time invested and the kids loved it!

Let me know what your favorite party elements were in the comments.  I’d love to hear for you!


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