5 Ways to Promote Your Party Blog & Grow Your Audience

5 Ways to Promote your Party Blog

Do you have a party blog? Are you are looking for ways to promote your party blog posts and grow your audience?

In regards to growing your party blog, building your audience and traffic can seem a bit daunting at first. Since I started my blog in 2016, I’ve learned a few useful tips that have helped to increase activity on my website. 

If you’d love to start a party blog but haven’t yet, be sure to check out my post How to Start a Party Blog

Submit Your Parties to Popular Party Blogs

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here

Are you currently following any popular party blog? Some of my best ideas and inspiration comes from following along with well-known party bloggers. I’ve put together a list of party bloggers who also accept party submissions. If you submit your party pictures, your party could be featured on one of these blogs. 

Kara’s Party Ideas

Kara's Party Ideas website

Kara’s Party Ideas is a party ideas blog created by Kara Allen, a well-known party blogger and stylist. On a daily basis, Kara’s Party Ideas features their favorite party submissions from around the world. I’ve submitted several of my party themes to KPI and they featured my Vintage Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower.

 Catch My Party

Catch My Party website

Catch My Party is another helpful resource if you want to showcase your parties and get noticed! They give you the option to set up a profile and upload party photos and details. Also, if they love your party, you might even be featured on their blog!

Pretty My Party

Pretty My Party website

Pretty My Party is a beautiful blog created by Cristy, a talented party planner who loves the details! Pretty My Party will feature party and holiday ideas, recipes, crafts and more. This blog has a bit of inspiration for everyone!

Build Relationships with other Bloggers

Lady at Laptop                                                                                 Photo Courtesy: PicJumbo_com

Follow the “Top” Bloggers in the Party Niche

If you are just starting a party blog, it may feel like it’s hard to find other bloggers to connect with. I know exactly what that feels like. In order to get noticed, follow quite a few “top” party bloggers on social media and subscribed to their e-mail lists. Follow these bloggers and comment consistently on their blogs and social media accounts. 

Join Groups on Social Media

Facebook and Google+ have groups and communities all about party planning and styling that anyone can join. To find groups, I just did a quick search for party ideas and joined ones that sparked my interest. There are also some private groups created by popular party bloggers that you can request to join. 

Find Ways to Collaborate with Others

As a blogger it’s important to find ways to work with others and in turn gain exposure to your blog. Reach out to other bloggers with similar interest and see where it goes! I’ve discovered a few ways to collaborate with others that have worked great for me. In exchange for free advertising, I’ve shared my blog posts with other party related blogs, blogged about party supplies purchased from online party shops, and given recommendations on party invites from a party invitations website. 

Follow Bloggers in a Different Niche

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and interact with other bloggers who are in a difference niche then you. I’ve interacted quite a bit on Instagram with travel, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers and have gained valuable exposure in the process. You never know who might be interested in your blog!

Promote Your Party Blog on Social Media

Social IconsSocial media is such a great way to build your audience.  I’ve connected my blog to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bloglovin’, Instagram and Pinterest. I actually put Pinterest in it’s very own category because most of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. It’s best to choose 2-3 social media platforms to share your blog posts on a regular basis. This helps you to stay focused and get the most done. My personal favorites are Pinterest, Instagram, & Twitter. 


I like this platform because it’s all visual. A few ideas I’ve shared on Instagram include pictures of my party themes, my office space, quotes, and DIY gift ideas. Remember to use hashtags when you post! Hashtags help your post to get discovered by others. I often use hashtags such as #partystyling, #partythemes, #partyblogger #partyplanner, #party ideas and more to help me get noticed. A direct link to my blog post on my Instagram profile helps encourage people to go to my website and read more about it.


This platform is helpful for sharing about your party business in your local area. By creating your own graphics, Facebook makes it easy to quickly promote your services and products. I created my own graphics in Canva, a free graphic design tool, to share about my business. 

Interact in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a popular way for bloggers to connect and share information with each other. I’ve joined several party related groups that have helped to inspire me in planning the details for my upcoming events. Certain Facebook groups also allow you to share links to your website, depending on the rules of that group. 


Twitter allows people and businesses the opportunity to share information with one another by writing a short sentence, or a Tweet. If you retweet or share other party bloggers posts, you will increase your own chances of getting noticed. Like Instagram, Twitter also uses hashtags to help get your post noticed more by others. I’ve found that the more I retweet other party bloggers tweets, the more shares I’ve had on my profile. 


When it comes to social media platforms, Google+ is probably the one I use the least. However, I discovered a wide range of Google+ communities that you can join and share about your party ideas. Communities are very similar to Facebook groups and you can find a wide range of topics. 

Pin on Pinterest


Pinterest is, by far, my favorite social media platform that I use to drive traffic to my blog! Many business and blog owners use Pinterest as a marketing tool by creating beautiful pins linked back to their own websites. Once I realized the power of Pinterest, I’ve implemented my own strategies to increase my blog traffic and gain subscribers.

Update Your Pinterest Profile

In order to make my Pinterest profile stand out, I created boards that were relevant to my audience. My boards include party themes, gift ideas, holiday inspiration, DIY party ideas, and more. Feel free to check out my Pinterest profile here

Create Quality Pins for Your Blog

When I’m writing a blog post, I create a custom graphic to go along with it for Pinterest using a free graphic design program called Canva. Canva allows you to create your own custom pins and add pictures and fonts. When I’m designing a pin for my blog posts, I like to create vertical pins and use my specific colors and fonts to stay consistent with my blog theme. My pins are usually 735 x 1200 pixels (or longer), which is a common, visually appealing size.

Pin High Quality Pins

Although it’s important to pin from your own blog, you should also be pinning other people’s content. When I’m deciding what to pin, I’m the most attracted to clear photos with consistent fonts and colors. I love it when I know exactly which blogger is pinning based on their fonts and color schemes. 

There are quite a few places to look for pins when you are searching for high quality content. In my experience, other party bloggers usually pin the kind of content I would be looking for. I will usually check on their recent pins and pin a few to my own boards. I also pin a lot from party related group boards, which simplifies things because all the pins are in one spot. This saves me so much time and energy! Who has the time pin on Pinterest for hours straight anyway? 

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are similar to regular boards. The only difference is that the board creator can invited other people to join in and pin to their board. Usually, the creator of the board will leave instructions at the top of the board on how to join and pin to the board.

A great resource to find group boards is pingroupie.com. This website is amazing because you can search for Pinterest boards from pretty much any category. The group boards I’ve joined include party themes, birthday parties, gift ideas, recipes, and more. Another great way to find group boards is to search the more popular party blogs and see what Pinterest group boards they’re involved with. 

Create Your Own Group Boards

When I searched Pingroupie.com, I couldn’t find the specific board categories I was looking for, so I took the leap and created a couple of group boards of my own! I’m always looking for people to join, so feel free to send me an e-mail with a request to join. You will find my e-mail and instructions at the top of the group boards. 

Follow my group boards and e-mail me to join>>

Baby Shower Ideas- Group Board

DIY Gift Baskets & Kit’s- Group Board

Bridal Shower Ideas- Group Board

Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas- Group Board

Join Tailwind & Promote Your Party Blog

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler that repins your pins to your boards at optimum times. I’ve read a lot of excellent reviews about Tailwind so I signed up for their free trial. Tailwind has significantly increased the page views on my blog and my Pinterest profile since I have signed up. Also, you don’t have to spend as much time pinning on Pinterest because Tailwind takes care of that for you! 

Sign up for a free trial of Tailwind and schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest. After you’ve used up your free pins, you can upgrade at anytime by paying $9.99 per month, if you sign up for the year plan and pay all at once. You can see in the chart below that once I started using Tailwind to schedule pins, my monthly viewers on Pinterest began to increase drastically within a few weeks. 

Pinterest Viewers from using Tailwind

Get Started With Tailwind

After you’ve joined Tailwind, it is super helpful to download the Tailwind Chrome Extension. This is fairly easy to add once you sign in to your Tailwind account. When you arrive at your Tailwind dashboard, click on Publish<<Scheduled Pins on the left hand side. You will find your Tailwind schedule and can click on the Chrome Extension in the top right corner.

Chrome Extension
Once you’ve install the Tailwind Chrome Extension to your top tool bar, head on over to Pinterest to do some pinning. A little blue wave-like button will appear on the right hand top corner of each pin. Click on the pin you would like to schedule to Tailwind.

Tailwind Schedule button

Choose which board you’d like to schedule your pin to and click the green button “Add to Queue Now”. It’s as simple as that! Your pin is now added to your queue on Tailwind.


Add to Queue

After you’ve schedule some pins, you can find your pins on Tailwind by click on Publish<<Scheduled Pins on the left side bar. 

Scheduled Pins

Next, head over to your schedule to select which time slots you want to pin to Pinterest by clicking on Publish<<Your Schedule. Tailwind has already has the best times picked out and they also offer suggested time slots.

Smart Schedule

Overall,the Tailwind app is a pretty easy program to learn. They also offered tutorials to help you getting started with scheduling pins on Pinterest. 

Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes

What are Tribes?

Tailwind tribes are a fairly new addition to Tailwind and they are still in the Beta testing mode. Basically tribes are very similar to group boards on Pinterest. A tribe is a group of people who pins similar content to that specific tribe. You might have a tribe for DIY crafts, recipes, travel, or pretty much any other topic you can dream up. 

Join Tailwind Tribes

You will find tribes on the left hand side of your Tailwind dashboard. If you would like to join tribes, you need to find invitations on other blogs. You do not need to have a paid subscription to Tailwind to join tribes.

Once you’ve joined a few tribes, be sure to read up on the tribe’s rules and repin other people’s content! In order to pin to Tribes, go to Pinterest and use your Tailwind Chrome Extension to schedule pins. 

Tailwind Schedule button

Click Add to Tribes. A pop-up box will appear with a list of your tribes. Select which tribes you wish to pin to. 

Add to Tribes


Create Your Own Tribe

Create Your Own Tailwind Trive

On your Tailwind Dashboard, click on Tribes<<Create New Tribe (the green button the top left). Write in the tribe details and rules and invite your friends to join! I’ve also shared my tribe on Facebook groups related to Tailwind Tribes to recruit new members. 

Can’t find a tribe that fits your needs? You always have the option of creating one. When I started my tribes, I couldn’t find any party tribes so I created my own! 

Join my tribes by clicking on the invite links >>

 Party Ideas

Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Build Your E-mail List

If you want to promote your party blog and grow, building an e-mail list is an important part of the process. Once you build up your e-mail list, you will have people who faithfully read your blog posts before you even share them on social media. Plus, if you turn your blog into a business someday, you will already have people willing to buy your products!

Sign Up for Mailchimp

To start out, I chose Mailchimp which is the world’s largest e-mail marketing platform. They offer their services for FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers. If your business grows beyond that, you can upgrade for $10 a month. I’ve been really impressed with Mailchimp so far and it’s very easy to use with customizable e-mail templates.

Create a Freebie

When you start to build you e-mail list, all the technical stuff can seem daunting at first. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to offer a freebie in exchange for people signing up for your list. A freebie is a free document like a cheat sheet, checklist, worksheet, e-book, or PDF file. I created a free Party Planning On a Budget guide using Canva to offer to my e-mail subscribers.

When you are a creating your free item, try to think outside the box. Be observant on social media and party related groups to find out what your audience really wants to read. You could also create a survey asking other party people what sort of content they want to see more of. 

Thanks so much for reading along! What ways do you use to promote your party blog? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week!

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5 Ways to Promote Your Party Blog                                                                            Photo courtesy: MiStockShop

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here

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