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Birthday Parties

  • Mermaid tail backdrop party table

    Nautical Mermaid Birthday Party

    My daughter Kalani will turn 4 this month and I’ve been planning her mermaid birthday for a while now. We celebrated in style by hosting a nautical mermaid birthday party. I…

  • Jones Soda & Handcuffs

    Police Officer Birthday Party

    This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here. As a stay at home mom of 4, I’m constantly looking for ways to save money and still throw a…

  • pinata&icecream

    Unicorn Ice Cream Birthday Party

    Being an avid party decorator, I love to seize every opportunity to throw a party and my kids birthdays are no exception. My oldest daughter had just turned 6 and we’d…

  • picnicbasket

    Rustic Outdoors Camping Birthday Party

    At the tail end of summer, our church had an annual church camp out at a local state park! Campers made reservations months in advance in order to get a camp site. My…

  • Gold & Pink Princess Birthday Party

    Gold & Pink Princess Birthday Party

    Almost all little girls dream about princesses from far away lands and my girls are no exception! What a fabulous day it was when my daughter Kalani turned 1! We made…