Rustic Outdoors Camping Birthday Party


At the tail end of summer, our church had an annual church camp out at a local state park! Campers made reservations months in advance in order to get a camp site. My parents and siblings also joined us, making for fun family time as well! Over the weekend my daughter Kalani turned 3 and we celebrated by hosting a camping birthday party.




Camping wouldn’t be complete without tasty treats! Assorted foods included a S’more bar, a tackle box full of candy Gummy Worms, Swedish Fish and Starbursts, S’more trail mix and green “swamp water” punch.

Also, other campers also pitched in food items such as chocolate, bars and Lit’l Smokies! Everyone enjoyed time around the campfire roasting marshmallows, chatting and eating tasty treats. 

coffee pot


Camping Birthday Party Decorations:

Rustic accents included wood from an old birch tree, a plaid picnic style table-cloth, a wool plaid blanket and a unique red picnic basket! Also, I  incorporated items such as coffee pots, cups and pots we had on hand to make the party both cost-effective and unique. 

Overall, the party was a big hit with the kids! Although the children loved sneaking candy, they also enjoyed helping out by gathering pine cones for the table. 




When the sun went down, everyone from young to old found creative ways to use glow sticks and glow necklaces! Needless to say, we had an eventful night filled with laughter! We enjoyed jumping glow rope, playing glow volleyball, using glow sticks as hats and making balls. If you are looking for more camping games just for kids, check out One Crazy House blog! 


Overall, our camping party was a huge success! We are thankful that other campers could join us to make our daughter’s camping birthday party extra special! If you are planning a summer birthday, this could be a perfect well to celebrate! Also, check out other birthday party ideas up on the blog before you go!


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