Creative Father’s Day Snack Box

#1 Pop Snack Box for Father's Day

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Holidays are my favorite times of year and I love to create unique gifts for family and friends. Father’s Day is no exception! With that being said, I created a Father’s Day snack box for my husband and dad to show how much I appreciate them. My goal is to inspire you to create your own creative snack box! 

Gift Tag Pop Box

Dad’s soda seemed especially relevant as a choice of pop, since it’s Father’s day. Also, I just love glass bottled pop. It just tastes more refreshing than from the can. Check out how I used glass soda bottles in my police officer birthday party post!

Taking a walk down memory lane, I recall stopping by a mom and pop gas station with my dad as a youngster to grab an ice-cold bottle of soda. The feel of the bottle instantly cooled my hand, the condensation dripping down. The lid popped as I opened it and took my first sip. Such good memories came flooding back to me as I arranged this box.

Keep reading to learn what supplies I used and where I bought the goodies!

Pop Box Supplies


-6 cup drink carrier

-Candy or snack items

-Gift tag

Dad’s Soda bottles

-Construction paper

-Black marker or brush pen

Double sided tape

Candy Pop Box

Father’s Day Snack Box Instructions:

1. Buy the soda

After I thought of this idea, I went to Mac’s Hardware and bought 3 Dad’s glass soda bottles. Mac’s has a huge selection! I’m sure there are other specialty stores that sell these as well! Mac’s also had free pop carriers which worked perfect for my project! 

2. Pick out candy

I found packs of candy and candy bars at Walmart. They usually have a decent price with a bunch of options.

3. Create a label

First, I gathered my supplies; construction paper. a paper-cutter, a black tom bow dual brush pen (or any black marker) and doubled sided tape. Then I cut out 3 different sizes of rectangles to tape to the box.

Also, I love themes so I chose to write “#1 Pop” on the front of the box. One idea would be to choose your background colors to match pop or candy selections. Also, you can create your own gift tag and write a note of appreciation. 

As a result of some great memories and ideas, I created this easy and fun Father’s Day gift. My goal  is to inspire you to make your own Father’s Day snack box! While this gift is tasty and fun, it also may hold sentimental value for some of you. Happy Father’s Day!

Do you have any fun Father’s Day gift ideas? Let me know in the comments! Have a blessed day!


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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here

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