Create a DIY Bridal Survival Kit

DIY Bridal Survival Kit

With the warmer weather comes the season of wedding planning! Brides-to-be everywhere are hustling to finish up on last minute details for her special day. With that in mind, I created a DIY bridal survival kit full of goodies to make wedding planning easier! 

While looking for the perfect bridal shower gift, I found a way to shop for items at a bargain! Over half of the items I bought at the Target “Dollar Spot” where everything is $5 or less! I love this isle because it is filled to the brim with items like wedding decorations, office supplies, cards, party supplies, and more! I’m excited to share with you what I found!
List of items

DIY Bridal Survival Kit


Bridal kit

Why did I buy these items? 

Make-up bag: Perfect for storing toiletries or items you need on or before the wedding day. 

Gift tag with calligraphy: Handwritten to add a creative touch.

Crystal Light packets: Perfect to add a little flavor to your water when you’re on the go!

Thank you cards: Family and friends play a vital role in making a wedding happen! Thank you cards come in handy to show appreciation to bridesmaids, groomsmen and others involved.

Tick Tacs: To freshen up.

Eos lip balm: What girl doesn’t love lip balm? Plus its super cute and handy to carry in your purse!

Gel pens: Useful to jot down items on the endless to do list!

Confetti: Something fun just because!

Cards & List

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope my ideas inspired you to go out and create your own DIY bridal survival kit or to dream up a theme all of your own! The possibilities are endless! Feel free to check back later for more DIY ideas! I plan to keep adding posts of this nature in the future!


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