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Lemonade Stand

Summertime has finally arrive after a long winter. After being cooped up all season in our farm-house, summer came like breath of fresh air. In the meantime, I’ve been brainstorming fun summer ideas to keep my kids occupied and a lemonade stand kept revisiting my mind! What a perfect opportunity for my kid’s to have fun outside and to learn about the value of money. 

Lemonade Stand full

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My family and I live on a 26 acre property in the country in South Dakota. Our state is a quite rural and a vast majority of people live on farms or homesteads. Our state is one giant community because we have less than 1 million people. 

We hosted our lemonade stand from 9:30 am – 3 pm. At first, I was unsure how many customers we would get considering we live in the country. However, I was pleasantly surprised to get a steady stream of people throughout the day. We had everyone from neighbors & family to the Culligan man stop by.

Road Sign

Lemonade & Lemon

My daughters

Throughout the day, my kid’s kept busy filling lemonade cups, taking money and chatting with customers. Their faces just lit up every time a new customer would arrive. Also, I had fun teaching my kids the benefit of hard work and a basic understanding of money.

In the end, we earned more money than expected. As a result, my kid’s and I plan to visit Storybook Land, a theme park featuring storybook characters. Plus, they get to choose how they want to spend their earnings. 

Lemonade Stand

Useful Tips from our Lemonade Stand:

-Plan out how much lemonade and supplies

-Freeze ice cubes made from lemonade to help keep the flavor

-Fill a pitcher of water to keep in the fridge to refill

-Get a roll of quarters & some one dollar bills for change

-Put up a sign near the road that is easy to see with large lettering

-Advertise on social media or Facebook rummage sale pages

-Offer a bakery item to sell along with the lemonade

-Create decorations and props that are unique to stand out

Country Time Lemonade

Choosing lemonade was fairly easy. I decided to go with Country Time Lemonade flavored drink mix. This powder mix is so simple to make plus it tastes delicious!

Lemon Heads

Creativity and lemonade stands go hand in hand! A couple cute ideas include choosing a cute color scheme and adding cute straws to put in the lemonade cups.

Also, there are a variety of unique lemonade stand ideas and printables all over Pinterest! Discover lemonade stand free printables by Kristen from the blog Yellow Bliss Road.

While scheming up decorations, I couldn’t resist fueling my latest obsession, brush lettering. I created a a sign using Tombow Dual Brush Pens and construction paper! Brush pens are awesome and they write so smoothly! 

Lemonade stand close up

Lemonade Sign

Overall, our lemonade stand was a success. My children learned about relating to customers and earning money and I was able to enjoy the day outside! It was a win-win situation! Plus, my kids plan to spend their hard earned wages at a fun theme park!

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments! I love to hear from you!

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

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