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  • Lemonade Stand

    Country Lemonade Stand: Tips & Inspiration

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Summertime has finally arrive after a long winter. After being cooped up all season in our farm-house, summer came like breath of fresh air. In the…

  • #1 Pop Snack Box for Father's Day

    Creative Father’s Day Snack Box

    Holidays are my favorite times of year and I love to create unique gifts for family and friends. Father’s Day is no exception! With that being said, I created a Father’s…

  • DIY Bridal Survival Kit

    Create a DIY Bridal Survival Kit

    With the warmer weather comes the season of wedding planning! Brides-to-be everywhere are hustling to finish up on last minute details for her special day. With that in mind, I created a DIY bridal…

  • Jones Soda & Handcuffs

    Police Officer Birthday Party

    My son just turned 2 in April! Like any typical boy, he likes to do everything just like his daddy! His dad is a police officer, therefore I put together a spur of…

  • pinata&icecream

    Unicorn Ice Cream Birthday Party

    Being an avid party decorator, I love to seize every opportunity to throw a party and my kids birthdays are no exception. My oldest daughter had just turned 6 and we’d…